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Discover Paxos

Paxos island (not to be confused with Paros !) is an island paradise. Made famous in 2023 by the Netflix series "Maestro in Blue", its charming villages and exceptional beaches make it an ideal holiday destination.Cliffs line the west coast, while the east coast is dotted with coves and tiny beaches.

The main harbor

Gaios is a quiet fishing port in the winter. Come summer, it changes into a smart resort. Beautiful yachts vie for attention along the inlet that leads to the village. Restaurants line up on the waterfront and in the village.

Gaios is where you can catch a boat to Anti-Paxos and its famous white sandy beaches.


A charming village


Loggos harbour is as pretty as a picture. It huddles at the heart of a bay which is too small for large boats and has a truly maritime feel to it. This is where you will find the best fish restaurants, right along the narrow quayside. You might have to stand up and move your chair to let the odd car drive by ! Time here has simply stopped. If you liked Mama Mia, you’ll love Loggos !


and its beautiful bay.

You will find Lakka at the northern-most tip of the island, set in a beautiful bay. Your eyes will feast on the yachts and sailing boats that anchor here. Wherever you stand, the view onto Lakka bay is simply stunning.

This is where you can catch a boat to visit the caves that hide in the cliffs on the western coast.   You will also find everything you need in the village souvenir shops, bars and restaurants.

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